Rodrigo Toscano

Rodrigo Toscano’s newest book of poetry is In Range (Counterpath Press 2019). Previous books include Explosion Rocks Springfield, Deck of Deeds, Collapsible Poetics Theater (a National Poetry Series selection), and others.His poetry has appeared in the anthologies Voices Without Borders, Diasporic Avant Gardes, Imagined Theatres, Dialectical Imaginaries, Earth Bound, and Best American Poetry. He works for the Labor Institute as a national project director, strategizing around issues that involve environmental and labor culture transformation.


He gets up there and - yeah, another litigant

Love that litigant - or, maybe not - write the

Next! next litigant - bring on the

Here - lemme litigate - a tad

Litigational - that's the quality we're looking for

Floats - giant swans - flotillas - on still waters

Music from a giant conch shell

Don't feed the litigators

Y'all assin' it to a seat - or - propped up on feat

Don't feed the litigators

Snout - peeking up - from the swamp - couple dragon flies - 


What else fits the portrait?

You wake up - peek at the news

You go to bed - peek at the news

Daytime swamp touring - you guessed it


There'll be litigation - some - ok - barely

You got on a plane - you checked into your room

You're prepping - hoping - dreaming - scheming

Cute litigators

Stressed out, easy breezy, braniac

Snout - cruisin - cruisin - cruisin

YEAH OK - you fuck - you fuck folks - you fuck folks - then 



Litigational cruises limited liability for-profit national program security clearance protocol

Floats - fireworks - strings in unison - rising from a conch 


Lil dragon fly round the - is fed

You eat what's fed you?

Next up we have

Let's give it up for

It's a dream - come true

We're so excited



Conch shell


Music - imperial - enigmatic

A night of

A summer of

A lifetime of

You take a break - and on your break



Silently performatively


You're dying already



Top magma

You wanna be top dog?

Top magma

Top magma on the move

To enigmatic music

Assin' it to a seat - or propped up on feet

Snout - see it?

Next up

The quality we're looking for



You wake up - bang - face ripped off

News peeking in

Litigate that

Quietly - profoundly - loudly - perfunctorily

Wretch - LITIGATE - now

Cloud covers moon - cloud moves aside


Giant conch shell - floats - kettle drums - woodwinds

Moonlit snouts

Swamp tours

Journals, anthologies, prizes

Swamp tours


Strings in unison

Imperial beat

Dreams/schemes - schemes/dreams


She gets up there and yeah, another litigant

LOVE that litigant - or - maybe not - write the

Next - bring on the

Climbing onto the float like that - chomping at the conch


Or - prepping for moonlight -  you know

Litigate to prep for moonlight


Angelic Body

Floating - gliding alongside

Nobody knows it

Everybody wants it

The litigators are:




Next up:

Angelic Body

Floating - gliding alongside

Nobody knows it

Everybody wants it

The litigators are:

Dragon flies



Snouts - see them?

Blank Page (aka world opinion)

O blank page you flub - welcome

Splattered DNA of societies to come

Come - dangle ideologic dongs, tits, balls

Post-material puss for abstract neuter cum dried up on meta belly to be that

Or whatever scramble y'all prefer

Or whatever scramble y'all prefer

There was a feisty court of world opinion

Where the battle lay between Global and The Interiorites

The Live Anywheres v.s. The Live Hereabouters

Yokels - step up - be stout

Trotters - tread lightly - grip tight

The jingles - got'em?

So you got a Ukrainian Nationalist Berliner bent on Non-

Russo-Zone Narratives - catch

So you got a Russian Trans-Nationalist bent on Transducing U.S. Regional Tensions - catch

More to come

The count - ready?

Zero Non-Academic in Poetry Journal

Zero Construction Sector Folks

Zero Service Sector Folks

Zero Maritime Sector Folks

Zero Agricultural Sector Folks

Zero Domestic Work Sector Folks

Zero Medical Sector Folks

Alarms 1 through 7

The jingles

And you got an Americanist bent on Transliterating an Atlanticist Cultural Command Center - release

And you got a Bi-Continental Futurologist bent on Boiling Down World Pop Culture as Failed Local Folk Ways - release

Count'em up - splash hydrochloric acid on it

Deep Burn on the Brawny Brain of World Siblinghood

Count'em up - peel off the mask

O Blank Page! miss you

Societal DNA - nobody knows it

O but for clues!

You got a Chinese F-1 Visa Fellow bent on 1990's PRC Deep-Encrypted Resistance Poetry - catch

And you got a (never forget U.K. twisted legacy regional mapping) Kurdish Cultural Operative bent on Dark Web Podcast Scene Shake Up - catch

So what's the count - now?

Alarm 8

There is no truce between Communitarians and Individualists - as yet

Scramble (it) (it) (it) (it) (it)

Splattered DNA of the Dying Society of Forgotten Motives on the Move

Finance Sector Bowling Ball towards your teeth - clench, absorb

DNA of Decomposing Aesthetic Solutions to Everyday Capitalist Time Strictures Implemented As: Games

Countem' up - portside / starboard

Over-representation of Incubating Northeastern Mass Urbanites Apportioning National Aesthetic Pills - release

Over-representation of the Evolving Lords of Devolving Education Departmentalism - release

The jingles

Jingle jingle little square, trapezoidal   in   a   hole

And you got a Bay Area Canadian bent on - Bay Area Canadianism - lottery draw

And you got a (remember the cosmos - always) Chicano Disco Ball Erotic Poet bent on Social Justice - lottery draw

Or whatever scramble y'all prefer

The ship hole - what?

The hole in the ship! oh

Where the battle they said was between The Urbs and the Sub-Urbs

The Taste Anythings v.s. The Tried N' Truers

And what the devil does "transducing" mean?

And what about "transliterating"?

Ship ahoy!

Communitarians - bent on deck chair rearrangement - portside

Individualists - bent on deck chair cushions rearrangement - starboard

Alarms 9 & 10

Zero Former or Current Military Sector

Zero Informal Paid Sex Sector

Alarm 11

Zero Energy Extraction and Distribution Sector

Scramble it    Zero + Zero + Zero

And    if you relate well with people - and are fair and balanced (but not "most watched")

You're a Same Ole!

Hurray for Same Ole!

Same Ole! Same Ole! Same Ole! Same Ole!

Those for equal sign - same

Rapid Thaw in the Grassy Brain of World Siblinghood

Hereabouters pumped about Symbolic Saviorship - T-Man dosed / T-Man duped - catch

Anywherers pumped about Symbolic Contra-Saviorship - T-Man dosed / T-Man duped - catch

Same Oles - gathering mass

Indivisible  Zero + Zero + Zero + Zero + Zero

Jingle jingle little    hole    "hi"

And you got a Dual     Citizen     ghost   making you lunch

And you got a Mono  Citizen   precariat  serving you lunch

Ship ahoy!

What scramble - y'all prefer?

Zero's - on the move - Same Ole

Globals and Interiorites - step lively - off deck

Rapid Re-Freeze over the Watery Brain of World Siblinghood

My glory!  someone spouts    Spare Us

My lord!   someone blurts  Bring It On

Scramble (it) (it) (it) (it) (it)

The jingles

Damn right I got'em!

Blank Page - fuckin' - pick up your shit and get movin'